Our Agronomic Lawn Care Program

Round 1 Winter (January - Mid March)

This application contains potassium fertilizer plus pre and post emergent herbicides as needed to control existing weeds in the lawn and prevent new weeds from emerging.The fertilizer we use will promote a healthy spring green-up by helping the lawn recover from winter stress.

Round 2 Early Season (March - End of April)

This application contains important nutrients needed as the lawn emerges from dormancy.Pre emergent crabgrass control as well as post emergent weed controls are applied as needed. We will also examine the lawn for potential problems that may become evident during this transition period.


Round 3 Spring ( End of April)

A special blend fertilizer is applied to maintain turf health and optimize lawn color during the growing season. Weed control will be applied as needed.




Round 4 Early Summer ( June-End of July)

Summer fertilizers are used at this time to maintain good color and health.

We will treat broadleaf weeds and other weeds such as nuts sedge and difficult to control weeds as they emerge.

Round 5 Late Summer ( End of July - End of September)

Summer fertilizers will be continued at this time.

Any weeds will be sprayed individually as needed.




Round 6 Late Fall ( Middle of November - December)

This application begins our fall weed preventative treatments to control winter annual weeds.

We also treat broadleaf and grassy weeds at this time.

Round 7 Late Fall ( Middle of November - December)

Winter weeds can be a problem that get worse in the spring. This application is designed to minimize winter weeds including dandelions and wild onions.

Winterizer fertilizer helps the lawn maintain its health during cold weather.



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